Monday, 29 February 2016

Spot the Difference

How many differences can you see in this picture?

Comment below with your answer!!!!


Mr D isn't that good at finding cool games that I can add to the blog. 

If you can tell me the name of the games that you like to play at home on your computer Mr D will add these to the class blog to share with everyone else in Room 15. 

So comment below with the name of the websites, games etc that your would like me to add!!!!

Manuka Hub Picnic to the Lions Community Park

Wow, what a cool time Manuka Hub last Thursday at The Lions Community Park.

The children of Manuka were able to check out what the Parkvale Community has to offer and also build relationships and grow their Parkvale PRIDE all at the same time. 

The children is Room 15 loved feeding the ducks during the walk, playing on the rope swing and seeing Mr D, Mr Wright and Mrs Blakesley climbing up the rope tower. 

This kids also loved having their parents join them for lunch and the teachers were very pleased to see you!!!

We would also like to thank Mr Gifkins for turning up with the ice cold ice-block!!! 

Room 15 - Make a comment below about your favorite part of the trip!!! 

Check out the photos below