Sunday, 20 March 2016


Splonk went the lemonade.  We were making Frobscottle it was a messy job!!!! First the teacher said we were aloud to make the frobscottle in any order, so no tips. I looked at my drink it looked like a traffic light.  When I drank it tasted like toxic waste. I could feel my mouth about to burst in 321 burp whoosh I made the walls shake everyone heard it. It was like a earthquake!!!! My frobscottle was fizzing then when I drank it my mouth felt like little people jumping around my tummy, then the little people got jet packs and climbed up my throat and zoomed out of my mouth they made a noise it sounded like a volcano erupting drinking my frobscottle. I looked at my tongue and hey it's green at lunch time when I licked my sammie it was green then I toke a bite and my sammie tasted a bit yum

By Wisdom. Room15

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