Sunday, 20 March 2016


The sound of the bubbles exploding like a Hawaiian volcano with hot molten lava bouncing everywhere spilt all over the table . The green staff looked like green jelly ousing down the cup. The yummy Frobscottle tastes like green jelly getting mixed with raspberry jam lemonade and ice cream. Smelling the Frobscottle made my mouth water because the smell was extraordinary. When I drank it felt like soft foam flooting down my throat then my tummy started having bubbles bouncing all around my stomach . It also gave me a a green tough and teeth.

By Cailtyn


  1. wow catling i loved your story it was fantiddly tastic i loved the way you put in the hawwin volcano by wisdom

  2. nice Cailtyn i like your part of the HAWAIIAN VOLCANO and molten lava good